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Spore Vision Store Introduces Psilocybin Spore Syringes for Amateur Microscopy and Research

Psilocybin spore syringes are now available from Spore Vision Store online and in California for research and amateur microscopy.

Welcome to the mysterious world of mushrooms! 

 I’m sure you’ve seen mushrooms before. They suddenly appear in parks, gardens, and occasionally even on pizza! But what are they specifically? A form of fungi that belongs to a separate kingdom from both plants and animals are mushrooms. They do not produce their own nourishment from sunlight, in contrast to plants. Instead, they obtain nutrients from the nearby organic matter that has been broken down.

Even if amateur microscopy is merely a hobby for some people, it is a fascinating field of research. We offer some fascinating magic mushroom spores at the Mushroom Spore Store that are excellent for microscopy and study. We will go over everything you should know before beginning your career as an amateur microscopist.

 Our fascinating fungi and mushroom facts can pique the interest of anyone with a desire to learn about everything the natural world has to offer, regardless of whether you are interested in amateur microscopy, mycology, taxonomy, or any of the numerous fields of research in the medical, legal, or even anthropological fields.

In our magic mushroom store, you may find a wealth of information if you want to learn more about any of the aforementioned topics, including the fundamentals. We currently provide a variety of spore syringe alternatives for psilocybe spores in addition to microscopy tools. You can learn about the history of psilocybin, how to become an amateur microscopist, or even the most important Johns Hopkins psilocybin medical studies. We also have plenty of fascinating information on the world of magic mushrooms if you’re interested in knowing more about psilocybin laws.

 SporeVision Offer Psilocybe mushroom spore syringes of the highest caliber for use in laboratories.

Set it and forget it. Literally! 



  1. Inject 10-20 mL of spores or liquid culture into the bag.
  2. Shake after 10–20% colonization
  3. Gather fresh mushrooms up to 2.5 pounds in weight!
  • Perfectly sterilized and moisturized for ideal growing circumstances.
  • Micron filter patch for flawless air exchange and pollutant exclusion.
  • Spores or liquid cultures can be safely injected through an injection port that self-heals.

 The Spore Vision Store is proud to announce the availability of top-quality magic mushroom spores for purchase. The Spore Vision Store is a leading supplier of laboratory-grade psilocybin spore syringes. The Mushroom Spore Store strives to provide the highest caliber spores to enthusiasts and researchers all around the world with an uncompromising focus on customer satisfaction.

The Mushroom SporeVision Store’s team of professionals carefully packs each psilocybin spore syringe with 100% viable psilocybin spores after confirming their viability through testing. Because of the dedication to quality, clients can be confident that every syringe they receive contains spores that are healthy, viable, and of the highest caliber.


The Mushroom Spore Vision Store, a reputable supplier in the psilocybin spore market, takes pride in its client-first philosophy, which is shown in the unmatched customer service. The crew genuinely cares about customers’ experiences and is always accessible to respond respectfully and immediately to any questions or complaints.


The Mushroom SporeVision Store is committed to advancing education and knowledge-sharing in the fields of microscopy, mycology, and taxonomy in addition to offering superior spores. Their magic mushroom store serves as a centre for learning and discovery since both enthusiasts and scholars may access a plethora of information and articles there.

The Spore Vision Store offers psilocybin spores only in locations where they are permitted for microscopy and taxonomy reasons, operating in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Before submitting orders, customers are advised to confirm if psilocybin mushroom spores are legal where they live.

 Each psilocybin spore syringe of laboratory grade contains just 100% live psilocybin spores. Before shipment, our experts test 1ml from each and every syringe to make sure there are plenty of spores present.

The Spore Vision Store, based in California, is dedicated to offering excellent psilocybin spores and microscope tools to enthusiasts and researchers throughout the world. The team of scientists is dedicated about establishing a community of study and inquiry as well as sharing the beauties of the fungal world.


The spores you buy from us are floating in a liquid devoid of nutrients, usually distilled water. Put a drop or two of the solution onto a slide to see the spores under the microscope. The microscope needs to be calibrated next. You must calibrate the microscope to view microns accurately since mushroom spores are measured in microns. You are now ready to explore the world of psilocybin mushroom spores after the specimen has been prepared.

One of the most fascinating organisms on the planet are magic mushrooms!

Amateur microscopy has long been a source of passion for our team of professionals. We started a lifelong voyage of discovery when we started studying the delicate beauty and grace of psilocybin mushroom spores. This journey included learning about history, medicine, anthropology, and the potential for spiritual awakening. We made the decision to investigate one more area: business, because we wanted to share the numerous blessings of our trip into this planet. The Mushroom Spore Store was established on the premise that a firm that genuinely cares would be beneficial to the psilocybin mushroom spore community and industry.


Magic Mushrooms are among some of the Most Interesting Organisms on the Planet!

We are aware that clean, viable, and contaminant-free spores are necessary for the best study experience. Before opening the Mushroom Spore Store, we encountered a lot of vendors who sold infected or non-viable goods, just like you probably have. To make sure that never occurs to you again, we are here. Our purchase of spore syringes that didn’t truly contain the number of spores guaranteed was another unpleasant experience. When the syringe contained more liquid solution than real spores, doing our investigation was more difficult. We promise that when you order one of our spore syringes online from us, you’ll get exactly the number of spores you need to conduct accurate microscopy or taxonomy research. The spores—not the solution—are the focus of our kits’ 10 cc of non-nutrient solution. We also supply a clean needle. The spores will be in excellent condition, viable, devoid of contaminants, and prepared for investigation. They’ll also be the right spores—have you ever purchased a spore strain only to discover when you examined it under a microscope that you received something entirely different? Not with us, not happening.


Our purpose in providing these is to help you, as a researcher.

The minuscule reproductive cells that create magic mushrooms are known as spores. Imagine them as the seeds that are the secret to the marvels of this extraordinary realm. They require a microscope to be viewed because they are so tiny. There are millions of these tiny spores in each of our goods.

We provide these so that you, as a researcher, can delve deeper into the secrets surrounding these phenomena. Our spores are the ideal resource to assist you in further exploring the secrets that lie within the field of mycology as a researcher or enthusiast.


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These Spores intended for microscopy and taxonomy purposes only.