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APE syringe


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“Albino Penis Envy” refers to a specific strain of psychedelic mushrooms, specifically a variety of the Psilocybe cubensis species. “Penis Envy” is a well-known and potent strain of magic mushrooms, and “Albino Penis Envy” is a mutation of the Penis Envy strain.

The term “Albino” in this context refers to the coloration of the mushrooms. Albino mushrooms lack the usual pigmentation, appearing white or pale in color. The “Penis Envy” strain is known for its unique and distinctive appearance, with a shape that somewhat resembles a phallus.


  • isolated 10ml ape spore syringe
  • 16 gauge sterile syringe included
  • insulated shipping packaged included
  • discreet shipping* included
  • sterile guaranteed 100% laboratory grade


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