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Sac02 microbox container (small- 565 ml)

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The sac-02 microbox container are perfect for micropropagation featuring a game changing filtration system for effective air flow, and blocking contamination at the same time. Sac02 microbox’s can be used to grow tissue culture for plants, fungi, or cell culture storage. My favorite way to use the microbox is by diluting spores in water and testing a large surface area with multi spores to best select the fruiting isolations. This box is re usable and be autoclaved at 15 psi for more than 1 hour.

Best uses include

-Creating Panelous Cyanescen grow containers ( require low substrate no more Than 2 inches thick)

-Spore printing mushrooms on tin foil ( filter will assure no contaminations will occur during printing process)

-In vitro agar fruiting multi spores and exotic mushroom strains like Azurescens, Cyanescens, Caerulescens, etc. ( add spores from syringe or spore print to agar and spread over entire surface of the agar to maximize the possibly mating outcomes of multi spore on large surface)

-Transport petri plates or cultures with protective case

-Autoclave your tools in a box without using wasting a grain spawn bag


SporeVision aka Lab link supply is the only known distributor for the Microbox Sac02 container in North America. These re-usable culture boxes can be sterilized over and over for repeated use.



Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in
565 ml small



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