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Shakti Isolated Mushroom Spore Syringe


Explore potent Shakti mushroom spores from the Indian Malabar Coast. Cultivate an enriching experience with our premium, above-average potency spores.

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Shakti Mushrooms are an albino variation of the well-known Malabar strain originating from the Indian Malabar Coast. These mushrooms are distinguished by their pure white-colored fruit bodies, thick stems, and round caps. The spores from Albino Malabar shrooms are transparent, and this unique strain is reported to offer above-average potency.

Characteristics of Shakti Magic Mushrooms

  • Medium-sized, stout bodies
  • Rounded caps (20 to 40 mm in diameter) with a pale yellow to white coloration, maturing to hues of blue and green
  • White flesh with a tendency to bruise bluish-green when injured
  • Stems measuring between 20 to 60 mm in length, exhibiting a yellowish-white hue and adorned with a persistent membranous annulus from the partial veil

Product Features:

  • 10 ml sterile spore syringe ISOLATION
  • 16 gauge sterile needle included.
  • 100% sterile and viable guaranteed
  • Discreet Shipping included
  • Protective temperature  insulated packaging*
  • Complimentary scalpels upon request


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