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Top 4 Penis Envy Variety Swab-pack

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The best of the best Penis Envy  Variety Spore swabs.  Sterile spores on cotton q tips. Spore swabs are known to last years in the refrigerator stored in dark cool place.



THRASHER- Melmac Penis Envy Isolation

SQUAT MELMAC- Melmac squat isolation

Bluey Vuitton- Panama x Melmac PE isolation

(pictures in this order)

  • 10 ml sterile spore syringe ISOLATION
  • 16 gauge sterile needle included.
  • 100% sterile and viable guaranteed
  • Discreet Shipping included
  • Protective temperature ¬†insulated packaging*
  • Complimentary scalpels upon request


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