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Z strain spore syringe

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Our close friend “Lipa” on Sporevision is the person who originally generated Z strain cubensis. Although there is a lot of false information regarding this strain’s real origins, we can be positive that Lipa, a Sporevision user, is the source. It is a hybrid of Thai Lipa Yai and Mazatapec. One of such rare rhizomorphic strains, akin to Golden Halo or Natal Super Strain, is Z Strain.


Classification: Hallucinogenic
Cultivation Difficulty: Easy
Substrates: Equine dung; Enriched soils; Compost; Grain
Temperature: Subtropical
Strain Origin: Unknown


Synopsis: Psilocybin cubensis of the Z-Strain is the largest and fastest pinner, and it is a swift and aggressive colonizer. This strain is highly rizomorphic; the mycelium appears to sequester itself. This variety is thought to be among the fastest in nature from inoculation to harvest. In the wild, it bears fruit frequently and recovers quickly between flushes. This unique strain of magic mushrooms was developed by an unidentified source.
One 10cc syringe loaded with Z-Strain spores is included with every syringe purchase.
2. Each syringe ordered comes with a single sterile 16 gauge needle and an alcohol prep pad.
Modern cleanroom technology is used to make our Z-Strain mushroom spore syringes, and all of Premium Spores’ spore syringes go through stringent testing before being shipped to guarantee that they are free of contamination. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time with any queries you may have, as we take pride in offering the best customer service in our sector.
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Z Strain’s Rizomorphic mycelium.

Thai Lipa Yai  crossed with The Maztepec.

10 ml sterile spore syringe (sterile needle included)

The Rizomorphic mycelium of the Z strain is one of the fastest cubensis from inoculation to harvest, vigorously colonizing the substrate. Very little time is spent recovering between flushes. An excellent strain for beginners!
These are sometimes confused for Golden Teachers due to their exquisite golden crowns, however they are smaller and the caps are more fragile.
Z-strain cubensis is an excellent option for both inexperienced and novice researchers.
A robust magic mushroom, these Sporevision Spores provide the same potency as other strains.

These strong magic mushrooms Spores from Sporevision , have the same amount of efficacy as other varieties. They have a naturally easy-to-crush stem and cap, and using them feels liberating and effortless.

Z strain Psilocybe Cubensis created by the infamous shroomery mycologist “Lipa” The best of two worlds, Maztepec and Lipa Thai Yai. The Z strain is an aggressive gold caps that do not stop dropping spores.

 *Z-Strain spores intended for microscopy research and taxonomy purposes only. Images provided for informational and educational reference only*


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