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Purple Mystic Spore Print


The Purple Mystic is classified as a subtropical species and currently one of our most sought after spore prints.

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Our unique Purple Mystic Spore Print is the highest quality print on the market today. Purple Mystic mushroom spores on heavy duty aluminum foil. Our production is done in small batches in Iso 100 top level clean rooms with laminar flow hoods. Our process of gathering spores in a completely sterile environment ensures no contamination, leaving you with the best mushroom spores for research.


  • 100% sterile and viable guaranteed
  • Discreet Shipping included
  • Protective temperature  insulated packaging*
  • Complimentary scalpels upon request

The Purple Mystic mushroom, also known as Psilocybe cubensis, is originally found in East Plant City, Florida. This strain is characterized by its large, potent fruit bodies, and it is known for its fast mycelium growth. The Purple Mystic is classified as a subtropical species and is relatively easy to cultivate using equine dung and enriched soils as substrates. It’s a sought-after strain for research. the Purple Mystic Spores are expected to be carried on a regular basis for sale in limited quantities.


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