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Sac02 Microbox Containers (TP1200 Medium Size)


Microbox micropropagation containers feature a revolutionary patented depth-filtration system that for air flow, but blocks contamination, providing the best available protection against pests and diseases. Our Autoclavable microbox can be reused for repeat agar work and grow kit production.

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Sac02 Microbox containers are the future of mushroom genetics. The ultimate tissue culture box for mycological research. Each Sac02 Microbox contains two .22 micron filters with a patented zipper technology for the maximum filtration. The micro box was designed in Belgium by the most advanced machine in the mushroom laboratory in Europe.

SIZE: TP1200+TPD1200

• Cover: 180 × 120 mm
• Base: 172 × 110 mm
• Height: 70 mm
• Volume: 1200 ml

Spore people is the only known distributor for the Microbox Sac02 container in North America. These re-usable culture boxes can be sterilized over and over for repeated use.


Main uses for the Microbox by Sac 02

  1. Tissue Culture via AGAR. ( pre pour your favorite recipe for agar plates into the sac 02 Microbox and place inside a .22 micron filtered grow bag to sterilize for 40 minutes . Once the pressure cooker cools down you can place the Microbox in front of your flow hood to solidify and remove condensation from the lid.
  2. Growing vessel for mushrooms cultivation
  3. Storage for fragile genetic material in the refrigerator
  4.  Transporting sterile media (agar, liquid culture, spore swabs and syringes


Microbox advantages

Microbox filters are based on a depth-filtration principle as opposed to surface filters. Each filter uses randomly arranged fibers (HEPA principle) to effectively trap fungi spores, mites, trips and other contaminants. Depth filters limit dehydration. The gas exchange is controlled by the length of the filter plugs, longer filter plugs mean less gass exchange thus less dehydration. 

When using hermetically closing containers without filters, gas exchange of CO2 and O2 is poor, concentrations of gasses like ethylene are far from optimal and hyperhydricity can occur. The gas exchange of the Microbox was found to be similar to the gas exchange of ‘air leaking’ containers without filtration system, but the filtered Microbox has the bonus of added contamination protection.


Eco-responsible. Reusable. Sensible.
Our untreated (non-gamma irradiated) Microboxes can be reused multiple times depending on size and form. In general, smaller containers can be reused more often than larger ones, round ones more than square ones. Exceptions are the TP3000 and TP5000, which are not reusable. The single use gamma-sterilized containers can not be autoclaved and can therefor only be used once. Each Microbox is 100% recyclable. Lid and container are both ecologically and economically smart.


Clearly superior.
The hermetically-sealing lid with filter, and the box itself, are made of clear, resilient polypropylene.
You have an accurate view of your work for greater quality control. 

To guarantee a hermetic and contaminant-resistant seal, make sure to securely snap the lids.



Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4.7 × 2.75 in


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