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The popularity of microdosing of psychedelics

The popularity of microdosing of psychedelics

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“The popularity of microdosing of psychedelics: What does the science say?” provides a comprehensive exploration of the growing trend of microdosing psychedelic substances and offers valuable insights into its effectiveness and safety. Authored by Peter Grinspoon, MD, a trusted contributor, the article highlights the increasing interest in psychedelic drugs for their potential in improving mental health conditions like treatment-resistant depression. It explains that microdosing involves taking a subperceptual dose, far lower than what would induce hallucinations. While many enthusiasts believe that microdosing enhances mood, creativity, and productivity, the article raises the question of whether these perceived benefits are due to the “expectancy effect” rather than the substances themselves. The piece also addresses safety concerns, emphasizing the lack of definitive evidence due to limited research caused by past regulations. It discusses the potential for psychedelics to become safer if legalized, along with the importance of caution and reliable sourcing. The article examines mixed research results on microdosing and emphasizes the need for individual discussions with healthcare professionals. Finally, it concludes by acknowledging that while psychedelic drugs are gaining better understanding and acceptance, there is still a lack of definitive proof regarding the benefits and long-term safety of microdosing.


When contemplating the decision to microdose, it is crucial to consult with a healthcare professional and thoroughly evaluate the potential risks and benefits. Legal considerations and the quality of the product are paramount, as legal repercussions and harm to one’s well-being should be avoided. It is vital to note that at present, there is no definitive proof that microdosing is effective or safe in the long term. While psychedelics are gaining a deeper understanding and experiencing a resurgence of research, caution must be exercised. As we navigate this evolving field, it is imperative to rely on credible research, consult with professionals, and remain open to new findings that may shape our understanding of microdosing and the safe usage of psychedelic substances.


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Peter Grinspoon, MD,  

Dr. Peter Grinspoon is a primary care physician, educator, and cannabis specialist at Massachusetts General Hospital; an instructor at Harvard Medical School; and a certified health and wellness coach.


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