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Hidden Creek Mushroom Company

Hidden Creek Mushroom Company

Steven Hayden Pollock MD and Michael Forbes were legends in the world of mushroom mycology. In 1979, this duo, in fact, founded a company called Hidden Creek in San Antonio, Texas. They promoted their popular global mushroom cultures in High Times Magazine ads. Paul Stamets, an associate, attended the early mycology expos initiated in Florida. The 1979 High Times ad featured Matias Romero and exotic varieties like philosopher stones. The same year they started Hidden Creek. Among the earliest and possibly the best global vendors of psilocybe cubensis mushroom spores.

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Steven used his mushroom spore grow kit profits to fund his search for exotic mushrooms in Mexico. The Matias Romero mushroom was found in bovine dung on a rural farm within the town of Matias Romero along with a number of other hallmark Hallucinogenic mushrooms such as Psilocybe armandiiPsilocybe wassoniorum, and Psilocybe schultesii. Steven bought into the vision of creating the world’s greatest mushroom spore shop, and in 1979, he showcased his prized possessions to the world through his High Times ads. Unfortunately, Pollack was under great pressure when his business became more popular and he faced burgerly and raising concerns from law enforcement from making his home his main office for writing prescriptions and growing mushrooms under the same roof in San Antonio Texas. The DEA was very close to shutting down Hidden Creek Mushrooms after years of business.

An ode to the ending chapters: Steven Pollock, a doctor, researcher, mycologist, and author, made groundbreaking discoveries in psilocybin truffles and rose to become the world’s largest distributor. Tragically, he was killed at just 33, and despite overwhelming evidence, no charges were ever filed.

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